Thursday, December 13, 2007

What makes me a woman

I'm still amazed when I find out that someone totally random is linking to my blog. Or when someone random drops me a very nice comment. Or when someone random googles for my blog. In my point of view my blog is only full of scribbles of my own lame life... So it's a bit hard to believe that someone could actually find this fascinating.

Anyway. I guess there is a downside of hanging out with me because you can never tell if I'm going to blog about it.

Today J.R. said to me "you should know, you're a woman". It was actually a totally neutral thing to say in that situation since we were doing a crossword puzzle and the name of some Finnish fashion designer was asked. Anyway. It was the first time in my life when someone used a word "woman" in that phrase. I started to wonder when I became a woman instead of a girl.

"You're a woman now". That's how mothers comfort their daughters when they got their first periods. Though my mother ignored the whole thing and made me a bit bitter. That is like the only important thing to do and she failed it completely. So when I got my periods I was mostly ashamed. Anyway. Having periods is definitely not going to make a woman because, thanks to modern medicine, I skip them all the time. It's not like you need them. So that's not what makes me a woman.

"You're a woman now". That's how girls comfort themselves after they have lost their virginity. I don't know if this is even more inappropriate thing to mention than periods. Anyway. After five years of solid relationship there is a chance that I'm not a virgin anymore. But will that make me a woman? I doubt. Heavily.

Is it my age? I'm 21 so I have passed my teenage years. Does that make me automatically a woman? Even though I don't look old and I'm immature in so many ways? It can't be just that.

OK. Let's cut this here. In my opinion the only two things that can possibly make me a woman are these: I pay my own rent. That's an adult thing to do and I have noticed that adult females are often, well, women. And the other thing is that I have boobs. And hips "wide enough to give a birth to a small cow", as I have said earlier. And not in a way that girls have.

But I would still rather be a girl.

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  1. Kuukautisten kannattaa kyl antaa tulla ainakin muutamia kertoja vuodessa. Muuten mm. osteoporoosiriskit ja hedelmällisyysongelmat lisääntyy. ;) Ei kannata ottaa riskiä :P