Thursday, August 31, 2006

We Are Plants

OK. Finally. School was pretty much from hell today. So boring, so useless. I just wanted to go home, but no. I get home about 16.20 pm or something. Then I make some noodles with vegetables to myself since I don't lunch at school and I was a bit hungry. It was a quite tasty meal after all. I usually eat noodles with the boiling water so it's more like a soup. That spiced water is really rich too, you know, fills your stomach with less calories.

Julia was sick today, so school was even more boring since I barely had anyone to talk to. I tried to company with some older students at my group but it was a bit weird. I noticed that some of them said "Juulia" and some, like me, said "Julia". I have always thought that those are different names and should pronounced as they are written. And "Juulia" sounds quite ugly but "Julia" is a pretty one. Anyway.

I cleaned our digs today. It was really messy so I finally decided to make it all very nice and clean. Or at least tidy if not clean.

I also did pilates for an hour again. I really love it. Everybody should try it. It's so damn addictive. I don't know about other pilates programs, but Winsor Pilates really is something. I have almost give up with jogging. It's just so hard to go out there when the weather is not nice and run and get really sweaty and puff and puff and do it all in public. Pilates is much nicer, more private, still hard and still effective. Yes, I can talk about pilates for hours.

Aleksi was a bit funny today. The light from our bathroom decided to go black. So we needed a new one. Since I was busy Aleksi decided to go to the shop alone. And you know... Men. He came back with a lamp that really fitted and so. But it was for plants and fish. And I recognized all this immediately when I saw the package. He didn't want to believe me when I said it's not suitable even though it fits. So he had to try it. And yes, it's was like neon violet. And he was like "how could I have known it was for plants". And I said "Well, because of the package got a picture of a plants and fish instead of happy people and because it also said it was named "Fluora" and it got a text which said that it "promotes healthy growth".

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tough Guy

So no school today. It should have been fun. Thought wrong. Anyway. I woke up quite early and did some nerd business like usually. Washed some dishes and stuff. I was doing well. Then my aunt called me. She wanted to buy me a pair of shoes. I agree with the idea, so I went to see her. So we looked shoes. And then clothes. Nothing. I found one nice pair, but they were exactly the same as I already had, but they were brown and the texture was a bit different. So after all those hours she bought me a... saucepan. It is a Hackman Kovanaama so it was also a very expensive one. It must be good too. Aleksi is going to love it. He does the cooking, not me. That's why I asked for it.

My aunt also brought me stuff that my mother sent me from Viiala. It included pink pants, shirt I forgot there, pack of cookies and pistachios. I already ate those cookies and now I feel guilty. I should go to jogging today. I really, really should. But I'm quite tired and bored and so. Yesterday I did pilates for an hour. I wasn't so lazy then. I don't know what to do. I definitely should do something. I'm gaining even more weight. I know even though I'm not weighting myself regularly this time.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Back To school

Not nice. School is not nice. I'm already depressed. I thought we would have only like couple hours, but it turned out that we had this big and boring professional lecture. I almost sliced my wrists. Anyway. I spend those hours reading the British edition of the Glamour magazine. Without that I would have been really desperate. That lecture was not for us, but for advanced dentist students. So it's pretty obvious why I didn't quite get it and read that magazine instead. Luckily tomorrow will be free, and Friday too.

My emergency pack.

This is also the day when I'm starting to diet officially again. Last week I like ate all the time and hardly exercise. I gained about 7 pounds. It's so not cool. That's going to change since now I have to loose about 11 pounds. Or little less, or little more. I don't know yet. Enough to make those white jeans fit. But because today is a bit rainy, I don't risk my dryness and go to hogging tomorrow. Instead I'm going to do some pilates. I even have a new mattress.

I just turned on TV to watch Everwood. But I found out it does not come anymore. I was a bit chocked since I really love that show. Luckily I'm downloading the whole season 3, but it takes time to come.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Invent Your Scent

I went to Sello today with Aleksi. He wanted to give me a present because of my holiday is about to end and my school starts tomorrow. And because he likes me very much, of course. He bought me Invent Your Scent Eau de Toilette called "Citrella" from The Body Shop.

" A citrusy and energetic fragrance that's light and zesty."

The idea of the "Invent Your Scent" fragrances is very simple but still exciting:
"You can create a fragrance to match your mood, beginning with our nine fragrance personalities. Mix any two together and you've got another. With so many combinations, you can create a fragrance nearly as unique as you."

"All nine Invent Your Scent fragrances combine with each other so you can never make a mistake."
So there is nine different scents, and you can wear them alone or mix them together to make a new one. And Citrella is definitely not my first one. Here is my collection:

Aleksi has bought me almost everyone. Altaro and Beleaf are from my sister. If you can count, you will notice that there is only two fragrances missing; Zinzibar and Minteva. I don't really like them, so I'm probably not going to buy them or asking them as a present.

We also went to Roberts Coffee. I drank Hot Chocolate and Aleksi Chococcino. Very good.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Amusement Park

I thought I should post something about this day. Since this day has been quite exciting too. I went to Linnanmäki amusement park with Virpi. It was a private event so we didn't have to pay anything. I took some pictures once again.

This was the thing we were in when I took these pictures below:

Nice views over the bay.

It looked very stable.

I had to take this pictures since I like trains. Or I like to travel by them.

This is my friend Virpi. I bet she doesn't want her picture to be posted but I post it anyway. It's all mine.

I marked the place where I lived couple years ago.

After Linnamäki we went to a flea market which was near. Virpi is a My Little Pony collector so she wanted to check the supply there. She hit the bull's eye. I gave her earlier one pony (the white one) and she found three more. Here they are.

They still have their prize tags attached.

Back In Business

So now I'm officially back. I came late yesterday, and I was really tired since I didn't slept so well in Viiala. It was too dark and too quiet. Anyway. I almost missed my train. I actually had to run with all my stuff. And, boy, I had some stuff to carry. But I made it.

So I made some promises about pictures and so. I'm going to fulfill them now.

Trip to Yli-Kirra

I went to this place called Yli-Kirra with my mother and her friend. I have been there like several times already, but I like it quite much. It's like one big outdoor museum. We spend many hours just wandering how those people back then did all their things. It's fascinating, really.

These two above are some kind of traps. I wonder if they ever really ate meat...

This is the center of the place. There are lots of other places too, but those two buildings are like the "main" houses or something. Where they slept on ate. Beds were so short. I bet they were midgets back then.

Dead animals. I have no idea for what these were, but they were so dead.

My mother and her friend having a picnic. They asked me to take a picture.


It's not a toilet. It's a house and I bet that there used to live one big family together.

This is a map of Yli-Kirra. Lots of places to see as you can see.

Other Stuff

I didn't do anything so special, but I read a lot. These books I read during one day (well, in 12 hours more likely).

1170 pages actually. I read almost that same amount of pages during next day too. This was a book I was quite fond of. I know I'm way too old for that, and it's too much lovey-dovey stuff, but I just adored it. I think the cover of it is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. And YES it's a vampire story.

My mother bought me some stuff. For example these jeans and this book:

Only seven euros from Vapaa Valinta. My mother fixed them for me.

I love the movie. And in this case, the movie was first! From flea market: only 50 cents.

I also made these, as I said I would. They are notebooks covers made of fabrics I like. They make my notebooks look more personal.

The Funeral

There were also a funeral I had to participate in. The dead person wasn't important to me, so thought them as a party where I can dress up and stuff. I forget to pack shoes (well... actually, now when I think about it, I don't even have matching shoes for that dress) so I had to borrow a pair. They were a bit too big and they really hurt my feet. But they were vintage.

The priest was a bit gay so I made fun out of him with my uncle. We laught all the time about everything even though we should have been like really sad and stuff. I had a great time.

Friday, August 18, 2006

No Updates For A Week

I'm going to see my parents for a week. At least they like me. Anyway. There will be no Internet so a) I can't update or b) I can update only very rarely. I will try to take some pictures and stuff and post them here when I return. So stay tuned.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Won't Go

This describes quite well how sad my life is. The sun is shining and it's windy in a good way. Very nice day indeed. But I'm only looking it through my window. I have zero reasons to go out. So I won't go. But at least I stood on our balcony for a while wearing only t-shirt and thongs.

I bet it is still going to rain soon.

For No Reason

For no reason I started to think about all my emotional stuff. Like my inability to forgive and forget. It's really ruining my life. Just one minute ago I read a word. It reminded me of this one case which happened for a very, very long time ago. It still makes me wanna cry and it still makes me very angry. Time does not erase my feelings, it only makes them bigger than they were in the first place.

I know that I like totally decided not to write any deep stuff here, but sometimes I just can't help myself. I know that once again somebody so very wrong reads all my postings and starts to hate me. That had happened before. It could happen again.

But sometimes my life is a mess. I do nothing but I still mess everything. At the moment I have this feeling that I have zero friends (probably true) and that Aleksi is not ever going to marry me even though we have been engaged for years and that my life is going to suck anyway no matter what I do. And less harm I make by doing nothing. And I will end up so very alone.

And stuff. I just wonder will I ever be truly happy with my life. I will always miss that something I can't have. Like life itself.

Semolina And Cocoa Powder

Today I finally went to jogging. It was fine until the rain started. I noticed those black clouds and that certain smell couple minutes before it started and I was like "ok, let it come, let it come". It still pissed me off a little bit. It's my kind of luck. Of course it rains when I finally decide to go jogging. I also did some pilates exercising today for twenty minutes so I have been a very good girl.

I also made this weird looking chocolate flavoured porridge which my mother used to do to me when I was little. It's basically made of semolina and cocoa powder.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Anna The Boat Sailing Down The Channel

So apparently Sini is not going to be with me today. She said she would text me if it's raining and she could be with me. And the sun is shining and stuff. She had something else to do. It's ok. I have my own stuff to do. It won't be long until I go away for a while and I have to prepare for that.

Last night I had this very interesting dream. It was quite romantic and so, included lots of water and exotic places. I swam a lot, which is something I normally never do. When I see weird dreams, or unhappy dreams, I always though afterwards that they are only dreams and I don't believe in such. But when I see these dreams which reflects happiness, I just want to believe they mean something. That somehow they could just come true.

And by the way. You know that song called "Boten Anna", which is totally lame and pretty much sucks really hard. Anyway. I have seen forum posts in which some teens panic because they don't know what a bot is. And they pretty much decided it's a boat since there is a "boat" in the video and because the song also contain word "channel". It's quite funny.

But that crappy song is quite nostalgic for me. It's been so long time since I have used any IRC-client. Those days are over, but I still admit that it's much more cooler to really use irc than to talk via messenger. But I'm a girl and I like things that are visual and pretty.

Feel free to add me if you like me and if you really want to talk and befriend with me: illapeipe at msn dot com.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Now I'm ready for school. I went to some shopping today and I bought pretty much all I needed: six pens, four erasers and five notebooks. See the pictures below:

Aren't these just adorable?

I need lots of notebooks so I decided to buy five right away. These are also very thick ones too. Later I will stich covers to them to make them look more personal and to make them last longer.

I also went to library and borrowed this. It's something I have wanted to read for a long time: My favourite book in original language!

Monday, August 14, 2006


What jogging?! Why?! I don't want to?! It's too late!?

And some other EXCUSES.

... maybe tommorrow.

I hate myself.

From Left To Right

So I must be really bored. I decided to do this very classical sink photo shoot. Click to enlarge if you like to.

Some of my favourites from left to right:

LV Nestesaippua: I have always used this. It's for sensitive skin, so it does not dry my hands. It's also very versatile since I use it when I wash my make-up instruments too.

WWW Professional Leave-In Conditioning Spray: This does make my hair very soft. I'm not sure how conditioning it is because I always use it after regular balsam. It's non perfumed.

Lumene Skin Tech For Men Shaving Foam: Aleksi gave this to me because he didn't use it so often. I use it for shaving my legs. It's very moisturizing and softening. I really like this product but I know it's also quite expensive so I won't buy another one after this one runs out.

Humektan: This has been my daily moisture cream as long as I remember. I changed to this when they stop making my regular moisturizer. Aleksi used it before me and that's how I found out about it. I wouldn't change it anymore because it is so gentle and light.

Freeman Beautiful Body Blueberry & Champagne Shower Scrub: I love the scent. And it scrubs too. This product definitely leaves skin refreshed.

Freeman Totally Nutty Walnut Shell Foot Scrub: I like to scrub my feet with this special scrub. It really works and re-energizes and softens.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Freshener: I love the color, scent and everything about this product even though it doesn't work miracles.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Daily Foaming Facial Wash: I love this one too for same reasons. It's foamy and very depurant. It got some mint in it which makes face tingle little bit.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Stimulating Body Smoother: I bought this from sale. It's not actually so moisturating or smoothing, but it smells really good and very Light.

Freeman Beautiful Face Apricot & Wild Cherry Lathering Facial Scrub: This is my ultimate favorite even though I like the "raspberry, almond & kiwi" edition even more. But this one was on sale. It's gentle enough but it still works. It's foamy and washy.

Sunsilk Care & Repair 24/7 Day Care Cream: This is also a leave-in product. I use it almost every day even though I always use regular balsam too. It makes my hair shiny (because of silicones) and easy to style.


This is getting creepy. I ate even though I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to feel all that food in my mouth. I really adore bread with - diet coke. So I pretty much have to go to jogging today. No matter how lazy my ass feel itself. It has to go before it gets too big and too lazy.

And all this dieting also confuse me a bit. Since I diet only to make someone to like me more. I don't need to loose any weight and I have never been overweight either. I just have this idea that being skinny makes people happy. And the best part goes here: I was thin once. Not like skinny thin, but quite thin anyway. Lightly underweight and so. And my life doesn't really changed. So I know it is not true. Being thin will not ever make me happy. But still I somehow believe that if I manage to weight about 105.821886 pound everybody starts to like me and I have like real friends and better activities than doing this.

Aamiaissämpylä, my very favourite bread:

Cocoa My Cocaine

Now I'm addicted to both: cocoa powder and diet coke. I don't know how and when this happened. Can I go like to rehab or something? It's a serious addiction. What if I like snore it or shoot it in my veins? Can I go to rehab then? What if I lie it's cocaine? I don't want to be addicted!?

School Stuff

I'm starting to be quite excited about school again. I'm even thinking about buying some new pens and other cool stuff. I still have two weeks to think about all that. I have that one big essay thing to do too. It's so horrible. I should have return it like couple months ago but I just couldn't even start doing it. I still don't feel like doing it. But if I don't do it, I'm never going to get grade for that course, which leads to not graduating at all. It sucks, right? I also have to wash my dental hygienist outfit.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


There is just this one thing I don't like about myself. I got an addiction to cocoa powder. I just eat it. Almost every day. With a spoon. From the package. No milk or other stuff. It's quite sick actually since my lips and tongue and everything goes brown and I have to wash them all afterwards. It must be the sugar in it. Since I fast quite often my body just craves for it. I can't help it. It happens without thinking. After couple minutes I just realize I'm doing it again. I should lock that stuff somewhere. I really should since it really ruins my dieting.

Fat Day

I woke up late again. Even more later than last time. I felt pretty fat so I tried to avoid scales as long as I could. But I couldn't so long so finally I weighed myself and I was right. It's not just the pizza I ate yesterday, or the Risifrutti thing. But late at night we decided to bake waffles and eat them with vanilla ice cream. Bad, bad decisions.

Aleksi went to his friend today. I'm not sure how long he is going to stay. I have plenty of stuff to do. I have to shower, dress myself, put some make-up on... And do some pilates since I have a day off yesterday. I didn't even jog. And I'm probably not going to jogging today either since it is really windy (and I'm too fat for that too).

I started to read "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" once again. I have read that like million times and I absolutely love it. As I love the first part too. Bridget is one of my biggest idols, even though she doesn't really exist. She's even better than Elle Woods.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nutritional Values

Now we have finished the part which contained some shopping and pizza. I'm quite pleased. While we were walking to the Pizza Marhaba I noticed that walking was extremely hard for me. It surprised me even though that had happened before. I could have just sat down and cry for being so lazy. I'm not fat or in poor shape since I go to jogging at least three times a week and I do almost an hour pilates per day. My legs just don't cooperate with me anymore.

I also made one big notice. We both chose our own kind of desserts when we were shopping. Aleksi picked big chocolate dessert called "Grand Dessert" by Ehrmann but I decided to have Strawberry Risifrutti by Abba since it sounded quite healthy and I knew they were good tasting too.

And after pizza we both ate our desserts and I started to check their nutritional values. I realized that Aleksi's big chocolate thing was actually a bit healthier than my dessert. It had less calories but it was a bit bigger. It also contained less fat and carbohydrates but more protein. Good think about Risifrutti was that it contained also fiber and natrium. It's the jam that ruins it. Without it would have won.

It's not a big deal, but it makes me confused. It's quite hard to make healthy choices if the cover doesn't tell the whole truth. Who would have guessed that these two dessert have almost the same nutritional values.

Today's Plans

Now I know what is happening. Aleksi is going to be with me today. We are going to do some shopping. He needs new sneakers and I need some cosmetics from The Body Shop. And of course we will buy some groceries as well. Later we will go to Pizza Marhaba to eat some pizza. To me it sounds like a pretty good plan. I have also talked via MSN Messenger with my friend called Sini, and we are going to see each other on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to it. And it also gives me a reason to clean up this house more properly than usually.


I woke up 12.30. I know it's quite late time to woke up, but in this house time doesn't really exist that way. Then I opened this computer instead of the laptop, which is quite special. I checked all my Lindsay Lohan related sites first to see if there is anything new to post on "It's About Lindsay". But I had already posted everything interesting enough. Good. Then I ate breakfast which included bread, cheese, paprika and diet coke. My husband (from common-law marriage) is still sleeping. I don't know what will happen later this day. It's bothers me a bit. Luckily there is always that chance that nothing happens.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Building Up

I decided to make a blog about me. I deserve it. But this is not ready yet. I have to do a lot of work with this first. So there won't be so many postings yet. I start to post as soon as I have made this blog look like me. I'm going to use my "it's about Lindsay" style but with different colours and with different berry/fruit/vegetable. It takes a little while building it up. Like a day. I start tomorrow.