Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My friendship theory

I have this theory how close friendships are formed. I tried to explain it to Hannes but it was harder than I thought. So I give it a new try here:

All friendships start as a casual friendships. You meet someone, you hang out with someone and eventually you probably get to know someone quite well. We have all been there, yes. But when exactly does a friendship become more deeper one? When do you add things like trust and care into it?

And now to my thesis: You can point out the exact moment when a casual friendship gets deeper. And it's the moment when you share something special. It can be an heart to heart conversation, but more likely it's simply something more extraordinary you experience together. But the speciality of the moment has to be noticed by both. If it's not mutual, it can't be it. And that moment can't be forced and there is a big chance it never happens.

I know my theory may sound a bit weird but it makes so much sense when I look back to my own friendship history.


  1. Can it happen on-line as well? What do you think? I think so, since on-line we are pretty much honest! I think that moment requires honesty. :-) :P, Szilvia

  2. In a way yes. It can happen online too. But when I wrote about my theory I was only thinking offline friendships. Online you just bond so much faster anyway.

  3. I think it happens when you see each other getting totally rid of any kind of pretense. For example when you see your friend crying or being really f***ing angry or something. And if you still wanna be friends after that, it gets to a deeper level.

  4. your theory's true. something sparks it to move forward. i agree with mr pete. it can be when things really open up like something tragic happening or getting lost together in a foreign country. when you can't have a sort of formality in front of eachother.
    *sigh* like you said, there is a big chance it never happens. i wonder if it's only Time that's the factor for this :)