Monday, March 26, 2007

Playing Truant

I didn't plan to play truant today but I just couldn't get up. I feel a bit guilty for leaving Julia to "study" alone, but it was only few hours so I guess it went fine. I was going to bring the newest issue of Glamour magazine with me, but I bring it tomorrow instead.

Even though I was really tired at 6am, I woke up at 10am. And I have been very efficient today. I went back to Waldo's to change my new shoes to bigger size. Yes, I'm the only person in the world who buys too small shoes time after time. I also wanted to change the colour, but there were no sizes left. Then I did some window shopping. I found few scarves I liked, but I have too many already. Yesterday I read Style Bytes and now I have very mixed feelings about Palestinian scarves. I would like to have one but at the same time I'm worried about my imago. I think that the best solution is to avoid them.

After window shopping I went to library. I borrowed few non-fiction books and read a big pile of magazines. Of course I didn't actually pile them, since you can only take one magazine at time.

I have noticed that even though I read a lot of fashion magazines and blogs, I'm much more into street style. I like things with edge and personality.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Today I purchased a pair of Vans Slip-Ons. I know that I'm like at least five years too old to wear slip-ons but I just couldn't resist. I admit that I have always admired those shoes. I have always wanted a pair. My intention was only to try them on and then slowly leave them at the store. But those were way too comfortable to leave behind. I like Vans Slip-Ons because they are so laid-back and that they also represent some kind of rebel semipunk attitude to me. Now I just have to buy some clothes that go with them.

I also nearly bought a pair of black skinny jeans. But then I realize that they are called as skinny jeans because they are meant to skinny people. I would like to own skinny jeans but I think that trend is already pretty much over. I'm always late.

I have to pull myself together since I have totally ruined my vlc-diet. I just can't believe how bloated I am. Maybe when I have lost like two kilograms I can seriously consider some skinny jeans. If they still sell them at 2050.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Amoena Loves Curettes

Today we had two Dutch exchange students in our morning class. They gave us a little presentation and we learned that in Holland oral hygienists can also do fillings. I have done several fillings in plastic teeth and I'm not sure if I could ever do a filling in a real tooth. So I'm quite happy that we are not even allowed to do fillings yet. Our teachers preach all the time how things are going to change. How oral hygienists are allowed to do this and that. We will see.

After that Dutch presentation we continued scaling. Scaling means that we are removing calculus with our special scaling instruments. Curettes are my favourites and I also like to sharpen them. We are still working with plastic teeth and It's OK. I'm so not ready to have real patients yet. I know that when I write about school it sounds a bit boring. But it is because I don't have so big dental vocabulary in English yet. Words like "curette" and "scaling" are quite easy, but what about those words I don't know in Finnish either...

Tomorrow I'm having an exam about tooth morphology. I have not studied anything yet and I'm a bit worried if I have enough time to learn every tooth properly. We have to recognize every tooth from it's roots and crown only. And we also have to know which permanent tooth appears when. So if you count your teeth and think about little about your milk teeth you can realize that morphology really isn't easiest thing to memorize.

Friday, March 09, 2007

"This Girl Knew Hate"

Countless are my actions. I have logged in and out again and again. And you know what? It does not change a thing. I have been thinking. When I'm dead my epitaph will say "This girl knew hate". I'm pretty sure about it. I'm not so good at social skills but I know how to hate. There are more people I hate deeply than people I like. I don't just dislike; I despise and hate. This is kind of sad actually. But there are so many people who have hurt me, and let's remember my incapability to forgive and to forget. And I'm the most sensitive person in the world. Say something mean to me and I cry. I promise.

I think this is the most honest thing I have ever written here.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Charlotte Church is Pregnant.

We made pizza. That's not the news. This is: I just learned that Charlotte Church is pregnant. I hope she does not pull the "Britney Spears".
A message from Charlotte’s management:
Charlotte has asked us to bring you the news exclusively today via that she is pregnant. For reasons of privacy, Charlotte has chosen not to comment on this matter, other than to confirm that she and her boyfriend, Gavin Henson, are delighted. In an ideal world, we would not have made this announcement so early in the pregnancy. However, due to recent speculation and persistent questions from the media about this most private of matters, Charlotte felt she had no choice other than to go public and she was keen to ensure that her fans had the opportunity to read the truth here first.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Major Whining

I know that there are probably few people who have missed my blog posts. This is for you even though this will contain mostly major whining.

I start from my diet. I have been a bad girl and fasted. If anything I should not fast. I already feel how my body is fighting against. So I should be eating more even though it will mean slower my process. I'm a bit annoyed that only diet I know is to eat less. It's not right, I know it. I have started to do some pilates again. Mainly because my legs are too chunky. I though that it could help a bit. Let see how long I can keep it regular. I hope it gets warmer so I can start walking/jogging.

Today I had some pharmacology studies but all though the lecture I played Uno with Julia. There are honestly nothing better to do. I don't know what ever happened to actual learning. It just brings us down to "study" something that has nothing to do with our future career. I rather continue finishing fillings.

I would like to go shopping and actually buy something. I honestly need some new clothes. I live on Sello's doorstep but I hardly ever go there. Of course I walk through it every school day, but I mean that I don't ever go to any shops inside it. I would also like to watch more movies.