Monday, December 17, 2007

Ja mitä sitten tapahtui

First day at work without O. It was a good example what happens if you take things for granted. Since we were there long before O. I expected that in a way we could have managed to fill the gap he left behind. But it was obvious that he was missing. It was actually quite sad to go to the first break. Before we used to gather up and then go together but today there was not much gathering to do. Just me and J.R. And when we did the daily crossword puzzle it simply wasn't the same anymore. And on the next break I had to sit alone while J.R. was warming his food. It felt like a really long time. And at the end of the day when there was nothing to do there was also no one to hang out with.

But his spirit was still present. After fixing the strapping machine M. said that O. taught him well. That he had seen O. fixing the same machine and therefore he was able to fix it too.

I rather not think what happens after J.R. is gone too. There will be no gathering. I will probably have to sit by myself a lot. There will be no one to hang out with. There will be no reason to have super extra long breaks. It will be just boring boring boring boring.

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