Sunday, December 23, 2007


All the Christmas presents are now bought and nicely wrapped. I made it on time again. Hooray! Tomorrow I'm going to Viiala where I will also spend my whole holiday. I'm not so excited about it. At least they have broadband nowadays so I can keep on blogging.

I have been quite busy today. I woke up quite late, though I would have slept even later if I hadn't had so much to do. I went to Sello for some last minute Christmas shopping, which according to last paragraph was a successful trip. After that we went to Marhaba to get some quality pizzas to eat. And even later I met Hannes so he could give me a Christmas present. Am I like really popular this Christmas? Anyway. We hang out only for a moment because I had to go to the movies with Aleksi. And when I got home it was already so late that I had to leave right away. But the movie was great and I try to review it later.

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