Saturday, December 08, 2007

How I comfort myself after I fail

I wanted to add this to my previous post but then I thought that if it's once published it shouldn't be touched. So I add my note here:

I don't like to talk about my reasons for teetotalism because I have noticed that they often turn a nice little chat into a bloody debate. I don't like arguing but I'm still ready to defend my rather strong and unusual opinions. And if someone dares to question my choice I simply say goodbye.

OK. That's all.

Today I went to Verkkokauppa with Aleksi. We were supposed to go there last Saturday but they didn't have everything stored that Aleksi wanted so we didn't go. I like to go to Verkkokauppa even though I'm not really into hardware. I just like the atmosphere. Aleksi bought a new power supply and a hard disc for our PC. Now our PC is silent again (it used to make an annoying buzzing sound) and we can store even more movies.

I also ate soft ice twice. First we stopped in Hesburger to eat some, and when we were coming home from Verkkokauppa we grabbed some from McDonald's. I totally got a soft spot for soft ice and that's also the only reason to get me anywhere near junk food.

I also managed to mess with my Ubuntu. But I like to mess with my laptop because I have nothing to lose. Even if I managed to like crack the whole operating system it wouldn't matter. There are no important files to destroy and I can always reinstall everything. And sometimes my noobness gives me a good laugh. It's so great to be a girl and a nerd. No matter how little you know because it's already awesome that you're aware of it. Or at least that's how I comfort myself after I fail to do something more complex.

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