Saturday, December 22, 2007

But didn't I do so?

It was quite a weird day at work. There was nothing to do and we were mostly hanging out. But it's crazy when there is like only few things to do and you simply try to skip them too. I never thought I was that lazy. Anyway. It was like an end of an episode. When I started there was already J.R. and S. Now I'm the only one left and there are plenty of newbies I have to teach. Time goes by so fast and things turn upside down. I understand that things have to change. I just hate how those changes have to happen before I'm ready.

I have now bought and wrapped nearly all the Christmas presents. I still have to figure out what to give to my mother. She's the most difficult one though she said that she wants some foot creme from the Body Shop. Unfortunately when she said that she was clearly not aware that there are only two types of foot cremes on TBS and the first one smells absolutely awful and the second one is something that will cool your feet. And who wants cold feet when it's already cold? I tried to look for other foot cremes but I couldn't find anything suitable. I still have one day to search.

I have also made two IE voodoo dolls and I'm going to make a third one too for myself. The tutorial is really good but I just got to modified the dolls a bit. I wrote "DIE" on my voodoo dolls so you can remove the needles and still keep the message clear. I just thought that the dead face was not enough. They could be used as alternative Christmas tree decorations for nerds. Anyway. It was really nice to sew felt and I think I should do it more often. Wonder what else you could do.

I don't know how this post turned out this way. I have been writing this ever since I got home from work. I have been writing and rewriting and deleting and editing and everything like crazy. I hate these days when you have a lot to blog but you just run out of words. My original plan was to write about New Year's revelations and about my feelings towards Christmas and all these things ending. And if this really was about those I would probably have added to the end how J.R. brought me a Christmas present and how I without realizing it made him wait in the cold far too long.


  1. Sun äiti ei sitten kertonut _mitä_ jalkavoidetta? Tota, jos sen pitää olla Body Shopista ja/ta jos se on kuiviin jalkoihin, niin sitten hamppukäsivoiteen luulisi ajavan saman asian. Se toimii loistavasti kuivaan ihoon.

    Mutta jos sen pitää olla hyvää jalkavoidetta ja BS:ssa ei ole, kannattaa koittaa apteekkia. Niiden kosmetiikkasarjat ainakin on hyviä.

  2. Annoin äidille juuri viime jouluna lahjaksi tuota TBS:n hamppukäsivoidetta. Ilmeisesti se ei ole tajunnut kokeilla sitä jalkoihin :D

    Apteekkia tosiaan voisi kokeilla, kiitos vinkistä!