Sunday, December 16, 2007

Super social and active

On Saturday someone read my blog for hours, first post by post and finally digging into the archives. No one ever does that. Not even my closest friends. So it's actually really creepy. Maybe I'm having my first stalker? Omg.

EDIT: O. just send me a text message and confessed. Maybe the best timing ever? Anyway. It was indeed a nice surprise and I'm touched by the fact that he made the effort to get my number.

I have had like a super social and active weekend. On Friday I hang out with X. He came to my place to see if this was really as dirty as I said it would be. He thought I was just exaggerating, but even he had to admit that this place have seen better days. I normally clean when I know that someone is going to come over, but I was just too lazy the day before. Anyway. We also checked out my favorite playground in Perkkaa. It wasn't the same as it was like gazillion years ago but it was still pretty awesome. I'm happy that X also likes playgrounds @ nights.

On Saturday J.R. came over. I cleaned this place for him so I hope that X don't get jealous. It's just that I have known X longer and I know that he likes me enough to come over even if this place is a pig hole. I still have my doubts that J.R. would have left immediately after seeing how messy this place can really be. Anyway. I once again end up making nearly non-drinkable tea. I wonder if it's just my tea-making skills or the tea itself? If it's the tea there is still hope. And if the bad tea is not enough I also made J.R. to play "Guess Who?" with me. And I looped one VAST album for like ten hours.

And today I went to Tapiola to do some Christmas shopping. And it wasn't completely useless trip since I found something for my uncle and for my aunt. Five down, too many to go. Let's just cancel the Christmas? I also went to Sello but that was completely useless.

So it's really been social and active. And really good. I'm not much but suddenly I started to feel like a real survivor. No matter what, I always find my way. And there is always something good waiting for me if I just open the door.

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