Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some Weight Issues

I have gained weight. A lot of weight actually. I don't know how it happened and why it happened so fast. Next thing I knew was that I was like couple kilograms heavier. I know it's not so big deal after all. Just a few kilograms. But I'm afraid there will be more kilograms coming and soon I will be exactly where I started. I worked so hard during the spring to get my weight where I wanted it to be, so I'm really disappointed to myself that I let this happen.

So I'm dieting again. This time I'm even more serious than ever. I'm even keeping a food diary (about 900 calories so far). Today I noticed that is really uncomfortable to eat home made food because it was quite difficult to tell how many calories it had. I can only make a rough guess about how much chicken and rice did I ate. I'm so dreaming about kitchen scales.

I also went to "shopping" today because I was bored and I wanted some light exercising too. Since it is autumn and very rainy and cold I don't feel like going out. So I circled around Sello, which is quite huge mall nearby. I actually bought something: Avocado & Oatmeal Purifying Clay Masque. It was on sale. I'm really into masks and I have quite many of them. Most of them are by Freeman.

By the way I'm really disappointed to Smak's newest album. Only "Nukahdan" sounds fine so far.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

This Is An Update

There is a reason why I haven't post anything earlier. I have been busy. During Monday and Tuesday I wrote five pages about developmental psychology. It was not interesting, believe me. I had this book from 1997 and it was so boring and difficult to understand. And yesterday I was very tired of this hard work that I just slept when I got home from school.

So I start this update talking about what I did when I was in Viiala last week. I sewed some simple Barbie clothes for my niece. I kinda love doing them because I can design clothes and then make them happen. Last time I sewed a gorgeous princess dress, but this time I made more everyday clothes. Then I visited numerous flea markets, and I found some nice scarfs:

I think these two have a bit of a Hermés style.

Aleksi came on Thursday and we played The African Star like all the time because there was no better thing to do. It was a lot of fun though. His birthday was on Friday and I gave him following presents: Fazer Ögon cacao powder (so we don't always have to go to Robert's Coffee for Hot Chocolate), marshmallows so we could roast them, The Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Spray and Adidas shinguards. He was very pleased.

Even though I was really tired yesterday, we went to Ikea. It was pretty much ex tempore trip for no reason. But we bought a nice lamp to light our desk. It was pretty cheap too since it cost only 9.95 euros + the lamp. We also bought a plastic jug. So it was a very productive trip indeed.

Hello Kitty figure does not include. I really like that I can move the direction of the light so I can light the desk or my keyboard.

I'm quite sad that Everwood is coming to an end. There is only a couple of episodes to see. And I'm like in love with that show. Thursdays are not Thursdays without Everwood anymore. There will be just a huge hole.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No Updates For A Week!

I'm going to a vacation and therefore here will be no updates. I'll be back on Sunday. Have a nice day!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Man With A Child In His Eyes

I have been away for a while. My life has been so lame lately that there was nothing to write about. I feel a bit guilty but I try not to.

So couple days ago had this oral English exam. I couldn't pronounce "procedure" correctly, no matter how hard I tried. It was quite hilarious at the moment. I know I'm not bad in English but in that exam I felt that I was. I hope I get like four out of five. I will see that later.

I got one new birthday gift. It was a book called "Suuri Pop Toivelaulukirja 2". I collect them, and I have almost all of them I have ever wanted, so it was a really nice gift. You can see it in the picture, it's the purple one.

So I play "keyboards". I try not to say "piano" because I really don't know how to play such. I play almost daily, and even though I'm not even so good at it I really love it. It's relaxing but still so amusing. I have composed my own songs too, but they're definitely not so good.

For some reason I'm listening to Kate Bush right now. I kept hearing "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" in my head so I decided to actually listen to it. One of my very favourite Kate Bush songs. You may enjoy this Charlotte Church cover.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A Day After Birthday

So I'm twenty years old now. No longer a teenager, but an adult. I'm not so excited as I could be since I feel pretty much like a child. Anyway. I woke up quite early since it was a Sunday. I ate my favourite breakfast and then I went to shower. After shower it was time for my gift. It was packed in a golden box and had also a golden ribbon around it. I knew it had to be some kind of jewel.

This is what I got. It looks quite small in the picture, but it is quite chunky actually. I also got these roses:

Then Aleksi's mother called me. It was some kind of ambush. First she asked if we had any plans, and since we had none she invited us to a lunch and such. So we went there, ate some food and cake and so. They gave me a gift token to Lippupiste. It was nice.

Even though we ate there quite a lot, we decided to go to a pizza too. It was the only plan we had before hand, so of course we had to do it anyway. Later we ate also some tortilla chips with salsa. Those were pretty much all the real delicacies we had.

Today I got an extra present. It was from Julia, which is my friend from school. She gave me this silvery packet with a nice golden bow. I'm going to save it and the wrap too. I can use them again if I want to.

So there was a two cool bath & shower gels. They smell like rubber (for some reason I like that) and something good I can't indetify. There was also a birthday card inside. I don't know if I will ever have the heart to open them.

PS: Thanks for everyone who wished me Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My birthday is going to be soon. My parents and my uncle said to me earlier that I can get a new cell phone as a birthday present. But there is a "but". Even though they didn't say it, I know it can't be expensive. My current phone is working ok, but it is quite ugly. So I can't see any point to change it if I can't get a lot nicer one.

So this is my current phone with exact colours:

So I have searched through the Nokia site and there is only a few phones I like.

This is my number one choice. In gold or in pink. There are other L'Amour phones I also like, but they are not yet available, or they are way too expensive.

My mother expecially wished that my new phone should not have any special features since thet cost more. What is that about? How could I choose a phone if it can't be the way I want. I want a camera. Evertbody has a camera in their phones nowadays. Why can't I have?

Why in earth did they made such an offer I can't fulfill. I don't want any ugly boring phone since I already have one. It's just stupid. I rather take nothing then. I have never complained about my old phone, so I can't really understand why they thought I need a new one. I would like to have one, of course... But...

Monday, October 02, 2006

50 Dark Movies Hidden In A Painting

This is a really nice game. It totally hooked me until I got all the right answers. There is a big picture full of riddles you have to figure out. The answer is a movie title. It's not easy. Check it out here:

M&M Dark Chocolate

For example try to find "The Ring".

If you're not so good at it, and you feel like giving up, you can find the right answers from here:


Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have to confess that I am a quite big fan of Smak. And today, by accident, I heard them playing live. Am I the most luckiest girl in the world or what? I just walked somewhere and there they were. It made me really happy. Smak is the greatest. They sounded absolutely fabulous.