Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Introducing my first-born

My blog stats are finally starting to look normal so I can start stalking again. Normal people use Blogpatrol to see how many visitors their blog has. I use Blogpatrol to see who is reading my blog. I use Google Analytics too, and though it has a lot of super cool features, it lacks the most important: "Detailed Analysis Of The Last 25 Visitors". That's how I can tell exactly when my friends have been reading my blog without asking them. It's totally stalking. I confess! But please please please let me catch you because otherwise I go insane thinking no one likes me anymore.

I decided it's time to blog something about my first ever baby. It's NW-E405 by Sony. Well... Technically Aleksi owns it but I'm the one who uses it. He barely knows how to handle it. Anyway. I'm totally heavy using my mp3-player since I use it daily when I'm going to work and when I'm coming home from work. It's like my best friend when I have to leave the house. It stores only like six albums of mp3's (512Mt) but it has always been more than I need. I usually listen to the one and the same album to the eternity. And then I maybe change. I don't get bored since I only listen to super cool music.

It's actually quite small. And the navigation rocks, though you always have to use both hands. I checked out some more modern mp3-players but none of them looked as nice. Anyway. At work I tried to tell how my player has this cycle of music. Like I load some music and listen to it until the battery runs empty. Then I load the battery and also switch one album. Or sometimes even two. And little by little it's changing. Currently I'm storing these:

Fair To Midland - Fables From A Mayfly; What I Tell You Three Times Is True
Mors Principium Est - Inhumanity
Muse - Black Holes And Revelations
Rammstein - Mutter
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
VAST - Visual Audio Sensory Theater

... but I'm mostly listening to VAST and Rammstein.

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