Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm ready

Yesterday night I tried to play my favourite game with J.J. It's called "Who's the most pathetic nolife" and I'm usually really good at it. But this time I didn't won. I guess it wasn't even close. It made me realize that my life has changed and how it's still changing.

I feel grateful but I don't know who to thank. It's just all this together and it's amazing. I'm aware that this can be just one good episode of my life before some dreadful plot twist but I'm hopeful. Maybe this is what I have been waiting for when it's grown stronger and older. Or maybe, more likely, this is just another disappointment.

I have been much more into music lately. I feel like a teenager, like every song is about my life. And I love how music penetrates my brain and just makes me oh so happy and numb in a good way. Can you overdose music? Since I feel it running through my veins and it's making me high.

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