Thursday, December 06, 2007

Finnish Independence Day

Today is Finnish Independence Day and therefore I had a day off. So I slept late, naturally, woke up, finally, opened my laptop, naturally, got ready, finally. And then we went to my aunt's and she made us some Mexican food. I ate as much as Aleksi and that's a lot. But Mexican food is so good and you get some like once in a decade.

By the way ever since I got my Ubuntu two of my more nerdy friends have started to talk how they want to use Linux too. And it's not a coincidence. I've been talking about it a lot. And though I don't mean to, I happen to promote it by sharing my own experiences. But I do some serious promoting too when I see it necessary and appropriate. When I started to use Adobe Illustrator I knew that J.J. would probably love it too. I'm not sure if he really uses it, but sure I tried.

This is so embarrassing. Hannes just told me that my blog has a new layout. It was not supposed to have! I did some sketching before I had to leave to my aunt's and unfortunately I saved the layout instead of closing the god damn HTML editor. I try my layouts here to see them in real action. Sometimes Lorem Ipsum is just not enough. Anyway. I hope that people have been super lazy today and have not visited my blog. I don't really want others to see my scribbles. The good thing is that I have back up's for all my templates and I had one for the real layout too. It was a bit out of date but I tried to fix it. Anyway. The problem is now solved and I hope that you who managed to see something simply forget it.

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