Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I saw them first

I'm just blogging to inform you about this wonderful thing: I got the shoes, the Vans Tory Buff Plaid trainers. They're all mine now!

On Friday I visited several stores in Helsinki that were selling Vans shoes (Thanks to Ossi for than information! You're always the greatest!), and even though the selection was definitely larger than in Sello, I couldn't find anything nicer than these trainers. The colors just work for me. I'm also very happy that I went to buy these shoes as soon as I realized that they're the nicest pair around. They only had one pair per size, and as I was determining my shoe size some girl kept staring at me. I guess she wanted these shoes on the same size too and waited for me to put them back on the rack so she could have them. I was lucky to get them before her. I can't wait for the spring now!

Papu is eagerly waiting for the spring too. Look, here she is chilling in the sun:

There are also some new Papu-videos for the hardcore fans on Youtube. For example this cute video of Papu eating lettuce:

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How hawt are my new pants?

I don't usually start to crave things that I see online, but when I saw these pants on a Finnish DIY blog, Minä itte, I just had to have them. The bird pattern was simply too pretty to pass... and they were also available on a store close to us and with a very cheap price. I couldn't be more happier with my new pants. I wear them at home when I want to be comfortable, or outside under my jeans when I want to be warm.

Pretty, pretty birds

I went to shopping with J.R. today too, but I didn't find anything nice. I would love to have a more personal style, but shopping is the most difficult thing I know. I have no idea what suits me or how to mix and match. I'm completely clueless when it comes to clothes. I would need a stylist to overcome my wardrobe problem. Is anyone out there in the metropolitan area willing to go shopping with me? Seriously, I need help?

But I did find some nice shoes! I didn't buy them yet, but I'm totally considering it. I love pretty much all shoes by Vans, but they are quite hard to find from Espoo where I live. There is only one store close to us that has them occasionally, just some random models out of the blue, and today I was so thrilled when I found two different models of Vans trainers from there!

My first choice: Vans Tory Buff Plaid in green and blue

I know there are a wide selection of Vans shoes online, but somehow I'm not comfortable ordering stuff from abroad. I don't even know how to make my debit card to act like Visa, though I know it's possible. I would also like to be able to try the shoes on first, so I could only order shoe models that are available here anyway.

Now I'm just pondering whether I want to buy new spring shoes already or not. It's still a full winter here, so I might not be able to wear the shoes for months and then I might find something even nicer... but on the other hand I'm worried that when the spring actually comes, there might not be a single pair of Vans shoes for me to find! Should I just buy every pretty pair of Vans shoes when I find them?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

At least the food was great

I was at a wedding last Saturday. It was depressing. The bride had five maid or honors. Five! According the story she had five equally good friends, so she couldn't pick just one. It made me think about my future wedding. I probably won't have a maid of honor at all, because all my closest friends are guys. I'm not sure if guys are willing to be maid of honors because everybody would probably automatically assume they're gay. I do have two sisters, though, but I'm not close with them either. I could pick any stranger from the street as well.

Also the idea of having a wedding party feels really distant. I don't feel connected with my relatives. In family gatherings no one usually pays attention to me. They talk to my parents and they talk to my sisters, but no one usually even asks me how I'm doing. It's like I don't exists. And I feel too shy and self-conscious when it comes to talking to older people. I don't want a big wedding because I'm horrified about the idea of having all these strange people "celebrating" my marriage.

Right now my ideal wedding would be something really simple. Maybe a short ceremony in a small church, with both of our families present, and maybe some closest friends too if they're willing to come. And then nothing. No reception. No party. Just a wedding trip to some place nice. I can't imagine anything else, because everything else would make me feel anxious, and I don't want to feel anxious on my "special day".

Maybe I change my mind when the day comes, or maybe I don't. We'll see.