Monday, December 24, 2007

The tree is done

I woke up like 10am. It was dark and so silent that I decided to sleep more. And then I woke up 11am and it was still very dark and silent. But I stood up anyway. I ate some raisins for a breakfast because I couldn't find anything else to eat. And then I rushed to shower. When I got from shower my mom, uncle and aunt came home and my mom asked if I liked to wear a bright red fleece outfit. And now I'm looking like a bloody elf. Hooray.

And then I decorated the Christmas tree. My mom watched and gave me the decorations and I placed them gently wherever I found an empty branch. There was really no logic and we don't even have much decorations so the whole decorating was done really quickly. But it does look good and it will look even better when all the Christmas presents are under it.

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