Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm at Viiala now. And I'm already bored since sister stole my mp3-player. Last thing I heard she was whining something how I listen to satanic music. And then she kept listening to it.

I found a pair of old jeans from my closet today. I remember that I stopped using them because they were broken. Compared to what I have been wearing lately they were like brand new. Only two tiny holes in places where you barely see them. And the other pair is practically falling apart. So it was indeed a good find.

Now that I have been wearing these jeans I remember how I once use to look like a real girl. When I got it all right. When I still wore colours and big earrings and when I use to play with my hair and make-up and stuff. I still got it but I'm just too lazy to make the effort. I prefer low maintenance. But I guess I could dress up once in a while. You know. Just to prove that I can.

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