Saturday, July 13, 2013

A New Theory

Yesterday we visited a vet to get both Papu and Niila vaccinated. And since we were there, we decided to get Papu's eyes checked again. They've been the same for a long time now. They are weepy and watery, but not as weepy and watery as they were once. They don't look as bad but they are not normal either. Anyway. According to the vet her eyes are not irritated or anything, but her tear production was quite low. She tought the dryness might be causing the weepyness and suggested that we start using moisturizing eye drops.

And that's a new theory. Again. I remember that the tear production test have been done before, but I think the result has been more normal. Now it was like borderline normal or a bit less. But we bought a bottle of moisturizing eye drops and started to use them right away. It's too early to say whether they help or not though. We'll see. At least the drops won't do any harm and Papu is OK with them too.