Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yesterday night I started to blog. But suddenly I started to feel very tired and I decided to close my eyes for a moment. And then I napped for like two hours and finally I gave up on blogging and went to bed.

Yesterday I also tried to listen to some music at work. Two people asked what I was listening. I think it is a really personal question. There are music that you're supposed to like smoke. Something light that you can play on the background. And then there are music that you have to shoot in to your veins to get the real kick out of it. And my drug use is something I rather keep myself. Anyway. I still like to talk about music in general, especially when someone who knows my taste recommends new bands to me. I just don't want to show my inner n00b when it comes to music. I hardly know any cool bands and I guess I mostly listen to some mainstream shit.

Yesterday I also hang out with a friend. And I managed to serve better tea than last time... though I only boiled the water.

I feel like totally dragged down by life. But it's going to be a new year, new places, new faces and new stuff. I hope that cheers me up since I really hate to be this way.

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