Monday, December 24, 2007

What I got this year

Now we have ate and all the presents have been opened. This was indeed a very good year for me:

- Four books, two by my favorite author Paulo Coelho, some random titled "The Meaning of Life" and "Suuri Poptoivelaulukirja 3".
- Two shirts, pajama, some socks and slippers
- Gift token to the Body Shop
- Some sauna accessory
- Projector clock
- Free tickets to Finnkino
- Towel and other bath accessories
- Hammer
- Two whiskers
- Citrus juicer
- Money
- USB finger dance mat
- In-ear headphones
- Nice selection of tea bags and a jar to store loose tea
- Bookmark
- Taika mug by Iittala

There is a chance I missed something. But I'm sure I mentioned everything important.

What I got last year.

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