Thursday, April 10, 2014

New era, same blog?

Today I went to a library to get a book they ended up not even having. Don't you just hate when they keep English titles when they translate the book? It's so misleading! I thought they had the English version of the book I wanted but instead they had one in Swedish. Anyway. On my way home I got this idea.

I have been wanting a running log for quite some time now. A little place where I could write down my thoughts about running. I actually already created a Tumblr blog because I thought it would be fun to reblog motivational running posters and that kind of stuff. But I then found out that the office I work in has blocked Tumblr blog posting. I can access Tumblr, I can login, I can write posts... But when I try to actually publish the posts, it gives me an error. The company has pretty much blocked all the social media sites it's actually surprising I can access Tumblr in the first place.

But on my way home I realized I do have this nice place already. My personal blog that has served me for years. There has been many different eras in this blog. I think I started this blog when I was getting eaten by an eating disorder. When I was sad, in a miserable relationship (though you really have to read between the lines to figure that out) and depressed. Blogging helped me to organize my thoughts and to go on.

And then... I guess I wrote more nerdy stuff. And book reviews. And movie reviews. I wrote a lot about music too. I think I was in a happier place in my life. After that era I got into knitting and crocheting. It was a big thing for me for years and I even started a yarny blog together with my then-boyfriend-now-husband J.R.

And then it was all about the dogs. My precious little pups. I wrote so much about then that I altered my blog name to be "It's About Amoena and the Dogs". That was an era too. I wrote about their health mostly, since they both have health issues. Anyway.

This story is getting too long. I just realized that I have so many different eras in my life already and this blog has served them all. So why not used this space again, for this new era of my life. I love this blog because it's all mine and it doesn't really have a niche. I can write what ever I want. I can write about running again (I used to write about running long, long time ago when all I ever wanted was to disapper), I can write reviews again... I can. Because I can. Ha!

But I think I need to chance my banner at least. This is about me again, about Amoena.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A New Theory

Yesterday we visited a vet to get both Papu and Niila vaccinated. And since we were there, we decided to get Papu's eyes checked again. They've been the same for a long time now. They are weepy and watery, but not as weepy and watery as they were once. They don't look as bad but they are not normal either. Anyway. According to the vet her eyes are not irritated or anything, but her tear production was quite low. She tought the dryness might be causing the weepyness and suggested that we start using moisturizing eye drops.

And that's a new theory. Again. I remember that the tear production test have been done before, but I think the result has been more normal. Now it was like borderline normal or a bit less. But we bought a bottle of moisturizing eye drops and started to use them right away. It's too early to say whether they help or not though. We'll see. At least the drops won't do any harm and Papu is OK with them too.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The saga continues...

We visited the vet today with Niila. Her bald spots have been history for quite some time now so she got clean papers for that. She stills has visible spots on her fur but they don't look bald at all. They look like spots... with just less fur. She looks healthier, more normal, better. And the vet said that we can quit using Basiron (acne cream for humans) but that we should keep using Bepanthen (healing cream). Yay.

But we got something else in the change. Last night I noticed that Niila had huge lump on the side of her neck. Huge. We got really worried. Lumps never sound good, or look good, or feel good. Especially on your precious baby girl! But the vet said it's just an inflamed salivary gland and she prescribed antibiotics for two weeks. Nothing serious, thank god.

Miniature pinscher is supposed to be a healthy breed but it doesn't feel like it anymore. I can't remember how many times we've visited the vet already. It feels that there's always something, always something to worry about. It's exhausting sometimes.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just one and it was dead already

Niila had her second check-up yesterday and it was all clear. The vet took multilpe sample and she was only able to find one little bugger and it was dead already. We no longer have to feed Niila with those ridiculously expensive meds, but we still have to put some lotion to the bald spots. Basiron to help the skin to renew and Bepanthen to help it heal. I wonder when the hair will start growing back.

And here's a completely irrelevant picture:

Monday, December 05, 2011

The check-up

Today we went to a check-up with the vet. The situation is better now. One sample far free of demotex all together and the other sample wasn't bad either. We still have to give her meds at least for two weeks. What ever it takes, I just want my pretty pup back.

I'm little frustrated though with the fact that our pups seem to get only problems that are awfully visible. I felt awful when Papu had her weeping eyes... And now I have a dog that has bald spots! I feel that every other dog owner is judging us.