Monday, December 03, 2007

How to make an über best friend by Amoena

Wonder if you could like mix and match your friends characteristics and create yourself an über best friend. Wouldn't that be like totally cool? I really started to think what I would take from each of my friend to use in my new BFF. I have to say that it took a while to decide since all my current friends are awesome.

I'm only taking two characteristic from each. I don't want to be greedy. So let's begin:

From Hannes I would most definitely take his self confidence and sincerity. I think that's a good base to build a friendship. Then I would add some crazy creativity and some black sense of humour from J.J. to have fun with him. And to keep my new friend sane I would add some patience and kindness from Aleksi. Elina was a bit of an harder piece of cake, but I did figure it out: I would take her wisdom so she could make me smarter and her good spirit to keep me optimistic. From Julia I would take her conscientiousness and love for bizarre things. I value those two things. And from J.R. I would most likely steal his geekiness since out of doubt my new friend gotta be a nerd and, though this doesn't really fit the pattern, his ability to wear head-to-toe black. I want my best friend to look cool too.

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  1. Lets say hi first.

    I think your writing is totally & fucking dull shit. But while it is all about your daily life, and you may have a lively and nice personality, my complaint should not bother you one bit. Except for the fact that you are putting it online. Not a good choice.

    But that gorgeous pic in the upper right corner, is just fckng awsome!