Thursday, July 30, 2009

Puppy picture overload

Hello! It's Amoena and Papu and we are blogging in Viiala. Papu actually sleeps on my lap right now. We've been at my parents' place since Friday and boy, this feels like a vacation. Things are so much easier here. We don't have to worry about the food. My mom cooks it. I don't have to do any housework (though I know I should) and it's so much easier to take Papu out for a pee. I can just open the door and let Papu run free. I love the life at the countryside. And so does Papu.

And guess what? Since I'm on a vacation, this is pretty much all I'm gonna blog! Hooray for puppy pictures!

Here's Minni. She's my mother's dachshund puppy.

She's obviously best friends with Papu.

Really. They like each other. They even share the same bed sometimes.

And here's Pipa. She's my sister's dachshund puppy. She's from the same litter as Minni.

Many things happen when three puppies meet.

We also took Papu to swim. She's not into it. Yet.

She's all wet. But at least she looks quite happy.

Papu's not digging it.

Papu's sitting on a flower. Good girl. They're weeds anyway.

Obviously she needs plenty of sleep after the long day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I lurve my goggie

I borrowed a 10 mega pixel digital camera from my aunt. She bought it a long time ago, but she hasn't used it for once. She doesn't know how to use it, and she doesn't even have a computer. I think it's a mystery why she bought it, but I'm glad that she lets me borrow it. I can finally take some decent pictures of Papu. She's growing so fast and I want to take some puppy pictures before it's too late.

We took Papu to the vet yesterday. She's vaccinated now. We were a bit worried about how Papu would behave on the vet, because our last visit there wasn't exactly successful. But this time Papu was much more relaxed and caused no problems. I'm proud of her. The vet said that she's a really pretty dog, but I guess she says that to everyone. All dogs are pretty on their own unique ways. She also said that we should watch Papu's weight, because she's almost on the chubby side. That proves me right! Some time ago J.R. complained that Papu's too skinny and that we should increase her daily portions. I thought that Papu was normal, but I agreed to feed her more. Anyway. No harm done. We have decreased her daily portions now, so she won't get too heavy. Though she will be one big minpin, the vet said so, as well as our neighbor who also has a minpin.

And now to the cute puppy pictures!

Papu is licking a strawberry.

Happy face.

"Puh-lease, mommy, stop taking my pictures!"

Shiny and handsome. Love the carpet.

Yes. My life pretty much evolves around Papu. I can't help it, she's too cute. And soon we are taking her to the best place on earth: my parent's house in Viiala. She will be able to run free again! And there will be two completely new dog buddies for her, because my mom and my sister just got dachshund puppies, called Minni and Pipa. They are both girls and they are about ten weeks old now. I hope that Papu knows how to play with them. And I hope you don't get tired with my Papu reports!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the only thing that you wanted to do was show your mum that you could play the piano

I played piano yesterday. It was a lot nicer than I remembered. The last time I played piano was about three or four years ago. No one has pianos nowadays. That's a shame. I like to play piano, because I don't really know how to play it. It's not my instrument, my instrument is electric keyboard. The idea is the same, but you play it differently, it feels different and sounds different. Piano allows me to improvise and that's something I really enjoy. I can just pick some random chords and compose something. It's not even difficult. I wish I had my own piano some day. Though then I would learn how to play it properly, and then it would be less fun.

Anyway. We bought new tea mugs. Finally! We have been planning it for months. We couldn't decide which colors we wanted, though eventually we decided to take the colors that we wanted in the first place. No surprise. The manufacturer of the mugs is Arabia, which is very popular and trusted brand in Finland and the range is called KoKo.

They are just mugs, nothing fancy. Just like we wanted it. And we are pleased with the colors too; chocolate and orange. Chocolate will go well with our brown teapot and orange with our orange sofa. We might get other colors (and bowls and stuff) in the future, but now we are happy with what we have.

Papu is four months old now, and she's still very cute. Her one ear is completely up now, and we are waiting for the other one to get up too. That's how we want them.

She has learnt new tricks too. For example, she knows that when we are not at home, she can jump on the tables and take whatever she wants and play with it. She's so clever. She has already unraveled one skein of yarn, destroyed several nail files, eaten my sleep mask, eaten her own food without permission... But I guess that's what puppies too.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Been shopping. Bought something.

I got my laptop back three days ago. UPS delivery guy brought it to me. They fixed it. My laptop boots now without a problem, runs nicely and the screen doesn't flicker anymore. I have nothing to complain, it's as good as new.

I've been shopping lately. That's some news. I hate shopping and I can't tell you how much I hate it. I rarely find anything I like, and when I find something I like, I can't find the right size or it looks like shit on me. But recently I've been lucky. On Tuesday I found myself a new pair of shoes for the summer. I liked them instantly so I decided to buy them. And they were on sale! I also bought jeans today. I wasn't expecting to find anything, but I did. They were on sale too.

Sniff, sniff. Too bad they don't smell like mommy yet.

This is almost like playing on mommy's lap.

There is actually one funny thing about my recent purchases... I already had one pair of classic slip-ons by Vans, but they are almost worn out now. I've been using them so much. My new shoes look very similar, they are just more feminine. And the jeans... I already have the exact same pair of them, but they are completely worn out too. I needed a new pair. So technically I didn't make any new finds. I just replaced stuff with the same or similar stuff. But if you have found something that works for you, why change it?

Elina suggested on Twitter that instead of a real post, I should just post some cute pictures of Papu. But in a matter of fact, I can do both. And that's what I'm going to do. So beware, some cuteness ahead!

"Ahoy, I'm a sailor girl!"

"Me thinks not."