Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ubuntu is for dummies

Ever since I started working my laptop has been on a heavy use. The reason is quite obvious: I get home when Aleksi is already at home and he's reserving our PC. So I have no other choice than use my good old laptop. Though it's only old, not good. Anyway. I started to loose my last nerves because the laptop was totally not cooperating with me. It was always bugging and bugging and bugging. And, oh wait, bugging.

So I decided to follow my uncle's advice: I kicked out Windows XP and switched to Ubuntu. I'm really loyal to Windows, as some people are loyal to Apple, so I'm using Linux only temporarily. After Christmas I'm going to buy a new laptop and that new laptop will have like Windows Vista preinstalled. But until that I'm having this affair.

OK. I have nothing against Linux and I can admit it has it's own benefits. But it's not an operating system I could fully operate with. And it has pretty much everything to do with the fact that all the important programs I use are only for Windows. Anyway.

Since Ubuntu is like so popular right now I think that I should say few words about my own experiences so far. Just in case if someone googles for it and ends up here. So these are some cool things I have noticed so far:

  1. Ubuntu was really easy and fast to install. Downloading took like 30 minutes and installing other 30 minutes. And after that it was ready to be used.
  2. There are lots of good Finnish tutorials availabe on the Internet to get things started. That's good if you're a total Linux n00b.
  3. Ubuntu is for dummies. Seriously. Even my mother could use it. And it's probably made for girly girls.
  4. I checked out all the Linux messengers but Pidgin is the best. It's far from Windows Live Messenger 2008, but it's still totally bearable.
  5. Firefox starts unbelievably quickly. It looks and feels a bit different but it's still a Firefox. Though I'm going to try some other Linux browsers too simply because I can.
  6. There are like two works spaces you can use and it's like totally cool but hard to explain. I'm so going to miss that functionality.
  7. Switching is painless if you only need a good browser and an instant messenger.


  1. Sitä vaan et Vistassa ei voi käyttää DCtä. Se poistaa heti kaiken mitä oot imuroinu! Kuka hullu tollasta käyttistä haluaa? vink ;)

  2. Vistalla voi warettaa siinä missä muillakin. Omin silmin olen nähnyt eikä mitään ongelmaa missään :)