Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's like totally mainstream black metal trash but I'm into it

It's snowing!

I said to Hannes that I would like to find more good music to listen to. And he said to me that it happens like once in a year and since I already found Sturm und drang... Such a pessimist. But I guess I'm just incredibly lucky. I found Fair To Midland. I have known it for a while now but Aleksi said to me that their album sucks so I didn't really listen to it. Until now and they're cool. They keep adding all kinds of magical twists into their songs. It's like totally out there sometimes. It's like Muse mixed with alternative metal and bedtime stories.

And I have started to listen to Dimmu Borgir again. I guess it's definitely something people don't normally expect me to listen to. And it's like totally mainstream black metal (nowadays I've heard it's called as "symphonic extreme metal") trash but I have been into it for years. I even have Dimmu Borgir badge on my jacket sleeve. I know it's not a girly thing to do but I'm not a real lady anyway. And that Timberlake gay makes me yaaaaawn. I like attitude and noise. But only in music though.

It's quite funny how I have started to blog about music even though the whole world knows that I have the worst taste of music ever.

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