Sunday, November 25, 2007


Yesterday morning we travelled to Viiala. The reason for our relatively short trip was my uncle's surprise birthday party. They like to throw surprise parties there. Anyway. Most of the time I played PlayStation 2 by myself. It was one of those games where you simply drive and try not to hit anything and I was quite good at it. I always want to play video games when I get a chance.

At night we played 90's edition of Trivial Pursuit. The questions were super tricky and even guessing seemed to be impossible. Aleksi eventually won but it took a long time and lots of wrong answers. I have to say that the original version with most modern questions is always the best choice. Special editions go too specific.

My family knows that I'm such a nerd. But what they know not is that being a nerd isn't so black and white. My brother-in-law started to ask me some questions about WLAN and I was like "why you're asking me, I don't know". But I guess that people who are not familiar with nerdism think that if you know something nerdy you must know everything. Should I like make a nerdy business card? You know, to do something to define my areas of expertise.

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