Friday, November 16, 2007

As an outcome of my heavily beating heart

I have read so many times how some people find daily blogging like extremely hard, not because the lack of time but inspiration. Since I have blogged daily for a while now I started to think where do I get my inspiration.

I'm not sure if I can speak about inspiration when it comes to me, I think I rather speak about blogging mentality. This is quite hard to explain, but sometimes I think I live to blog and blog because I live. I'm not seeking for an inspiration, I'm living it. And I don't have to live a life full of excitements, just having feelings is enough. Whatever moves me, no matter the direction, ends up here. It can be a word, an expression on someones face, a colour... Simply anything If only it makes me feel something.

And I have programmed myself to respond by blogging. It's like an alarm in my head: you gotta blog this, you gotta blog this! So loud and clear, no questions asked.

It comes naturally, as I have said earlier.

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