Thursday, November 08, 2007

But it's so crispy!

I'm on my laptop again. This is already bugging like hell and I'm only writing! I think I should buy a new laptop sooner than I thought. Maybe after Christmas? Anyway. I like to update with this shit because this shit gives me more privacy and I kinda like this keyboard better.

I have been on a good mood today and I have also been laughing a lot. The best moment was at work on a break when O. told us with very descriptive sounds and gestures what he would like to do to a computer: "I would throw it out of the windows and get like a car and like drive over it several times". And I was laughing with J.R. because that's definitely not how we see computers. I guess that O. itself missed the biggest joke since he's not yet aware of our hidden geek powers.

Has anyone noticed that I post like on a daily basis nowadays? When did this happen and when did I get this addicted to blogging? By the way I'm totally addicted to crispbread too. It's like all I eat at home and I'm eating plenty of it. Just imagine our floors...

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