Monday, November 05, 2007

Quite crazy but I love blogs

There should be like 12110 blogs on Blogilista. How come you can't find anything decent to read from there? I'm not interested in knitting, nor cooking. And fashion... not really. I try to check recently updated blogs and new blogs regularly but so far I have found nothing good enough to read. Where are all the good blogs hiding?

OK. Maybe I'm just greedy. I already read about 20 blogs via Livejournal, about 20 blogs via Blogilista and 40 blogs via Google Reader. And let's just not mention my Bloglines account where about 160 Finnish fashion blogs go hiding (I collect them but I read only very few of them). And then I read Stylebytes and Skinny Website. Quite crazy but I love blogs.

1 comment:

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