Friday, November 23, 2007

Colon P

I have not posted since Tuesday. I have started to blog but my posts have not came out the exact way I have wanted so I didn't post them. So practically I have been blogging daily but I just have not actually published anything. Anyway. I just thought I should scribble something since I'm not sure if I have another chance to blog until like Monday. Or Sunday. But it's a long time, at least for me.

So far this has been a good weekend. I spent my day with X. He uses a codename for me and since this is indeed a public blog I though I should use one for him too. At least for now.

So, today I hang out with X. I made us tea but I don't know what I did wrong (again!) and it was way too lame. I couldn't even finish mine. And then we did nothing, which is the best thing to do if you ask me. And of course we talked nerdy and goofy and stuff. Super.

Since this post is already mostly about X, I though I could go even further. Like add some though here too:

I have noticed that it's a bit difficult for me to but together the real life X and the online X. The online X is the one who knows all my secrets and the real life X is the one I hang out with. And it's quite extreme to think they're actually just one person. What will happen after a time: does one fade away or do they become one? Either way, I hope our friendship remains. "Colon P".

Now I'm off to bed. Gotta travel tomorrow!

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