Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good deeds

I just watched MTV's "My Sweet Sixteen" and I don't know what kind of losers they have as translators. There was this man and the English caption said very clearly that he was some one's brother-in-law. But the Finnish subtitle said he was some one's half brother. Not exactly the same thing, right? If I know it and they don't, they should hire me instead.

By the way, I have been donating rice by playing FreeRice. It's like this super easy word game in which they give you a word and you have to find a matching synonym. And every correct answer will donate like ten grains of rice for those who need it. So you can get smarter and do something important and good at the same time. So far I have donated 6210 grains of rice.

Today I gave a scarf to a colleague of mine. She gave me a compliment on Friday when I was wearing my black scarf as poncho. And since I happened to have the very same scarf in white too I asked if she wanted to have it. I never wear white anyway so it was completely useless. So today I gave her the white scarf and she liked it so much that later she gave me some gingerbread. I don't really like gingerbread so I shared it with the boys. But it was a nice thing to do for sure.

Today I also delivered J.R. the Advent calendar I made him like ages ago. It was part of the DIY project I mentioned earlier. Originally J.R. gave the idea. I can recall myself whining something about the sucky non-chocolate Advent calendar my mom gave me and that he said that he would be just pleased if someone gave him one. And few days later when I was watching an extremely dull movie I came up with the idea of self-made Advent calendars. Anyway. There is still one Advent calendar I should made but... I have ate most of it's content.

I like to do nice things and I try to do nice things as often as I find possible. It's like the only thing I'm truly good at. And I have this theory that if you do a lot of nice things some day someone does nice things for you too. And I'm just waiting for the day when all my good deeds will be rewarded.

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  1. hi Amoena
    i am a boy from Afghanistan. i found you very accidentally. but know i don't want to lose you so. i'm looking for a friend to whom i can talk, talk about the things, i can't talk to others. sometimes come to me. i will become very happy.