Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funny coincidence

I went for a very long walk today. I felt like was my head was going to explode. Sometimes Aleksi drives me crazy simply by existing. Anyway. I put some super numbing music to my mp3-player and just walked trough the places I knew could calm me down. And I do feel better now, thanks to the freezing air.

OK. Now I'm going to make a presentation how one thing leads to an other and how everything is still connected:

J.R. gave me a ride home yesterday and he was listening to a Mors Principium Est. Though I never got the name right but I did heard "est" and some Latin mumble which I knew was enough to find out more from I'm always quite interested about what other people are listening but I never really dare to ask. That's why we have anyway, for ultimate music stalking experience.

By the way, it's quite funny how no one really speaks Latin but how it's still so widely used. Amoena is a Latin word too, and it should be pronounced like "a-mee-na", not like "a-mo-e-na". People always get it wrong. But Latin pronunciation my pants though it's quite simple. I studied some basics of Latin in high school in-case-you-didn't-know.

OK. Back to music then.

Pretty much first thing I noticed when I was doing my quick MPE research was that they got a cover of Hijo de la luna. And it's not just any song for me. Hijo De La Luna was the reason why I started to study Spanish. And I chose which High School to go based on the fact I wanted to study Spanish there. And because I loved that song so much I learned how to play it on my keyboard (the instrument, you know) and I do play it A LOT.

So I call this a funny coincidence.

It was quite hard to get the MPE version of Hijo de la luna but I just kept adding Finnish hubs until I found it. And I guess I was a bit lucky since I only find one user who had it but I got a free slot almost immediately. They could have done the cover better, though. Their Spanish pronunciation is a bit... out there. And it didn't fit the over all album at all. But I guess that the Japanese don't care for such things.

PS: Aleksi said he couldn't understand the "my pants" part. "My pants" means like "couldn't care less".

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