Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Go call the press!

I just had my first Messenger conversation with my sister! She's becoming normally nerdy. I wonder how long it takes until she finds my blog. She knows IRC-galleria and she now knows my online name. It's like 1+1. But it doesn't matter because a) I can't recall writing anything bad about her and b) even if she finds this I doubt she doesn't understand English well enough to read this anyway.


  1. Dear Ameeena,

    I can hardly wait to see your new blog -design. When (!?) is it going to "come out"??? :-)))


  2. Dear Szilvia, honestly, I have no idea. I have done some sketches, but I just want to take time to make everything perfect. And I want to be certain that everythins is as cool as possible. I don't horry with this :)

  3. ...though you have "officially" announced it already (nearly) a month ago...:-)))

  4. I know, but it aint easy :P

    And it's quite difficult to work harder when Aleksi is reserving our PC :(

    Just be patient :)