Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Out there

Today some crazy kid shot eight other kids dead at school and it's all over the news. I can understand the fuzz around it. It's a big deal. But like we didn't saw this coming. It was just a matter of time and now it happened. Anyway. Since there has been enough "oh it's so terrible" and stuff I'm going to take a different view:

I think it's a great way to die. Just like that, when you least expect it. When you're still young. You just get shot, die and suddenly you're free from all from your worries. Like you never even existed. And everyone would say "oh it's such a tragedy". But it's a tragedy only for those who keep living after it. So I feel sorry for the families who lost a member, and for the friends who lost a friend. But I don't feel sorry for the victims. It's not a lost for them. It's the end.

What after life?

Anyway. There is a new design out by me. I made it for Aberdeen Diaries. Gotta give some credit to BenBlogged for Free Organic Vector Set (humming bird and leaves) and to BlogU once again for double vision sidebar titles. By the way I thought I noticed a minor bug but suddenly it's gone. Bit confusing since I was going to fix it.

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  1. "All farewells should be sudden", eh? I sort of agree. It's most tragic for the ones left behind.

    Still, all those kids had all their lives before them, etc. Which is also tragic.