Thursday, November 15, 2007


My jaw is like locked again. I can't open my mouth without enormous pain. This kinda sucks but at least I was able to eat my müesli bar at work without twisting my face badly. But you know what really sucks? Brushing teeth! You have to open and close your mouth like gazillion times in a row. And it huuuurts.

Anyway. I had a very good moment at work: It was like 16.50 and I had nothing left to do so I started goofing around with a duster. I don't know if it makes any sense but for the first time for a long time I felt truly like myself, I was happy and totally free from all my worries. Just for like 10 minutes but the memory of it will last longer.

And it made me feel very positive! I feel like everything is going to be fine! Naturally everything will go downhill and fast (Pessimist? Me?) but right now I'm really holding on to this. This feels good. If only I could be like this forever.

"And if I had one wish fulfilled tonight I'd ask for the sun to never rise".

And now to the news: I think I have the new name for this blog, and a quite funny tag line too. I just gotta do some sketching to find out how it really fits.

PS: The quote above is from a song titled 03:45 No Sleep.
PPS: How many spelling errors, factual errors and just errors in general can I fit in one post? I always check my posts to infinity but I always find something to fix.


  1. The Cardigans!!! Long Gone Before Daylight is the ultimate November album to play!

  2. Long Gone Before Daylight is the best album ever, no matter the season :P