Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I will name you

I'm normally really good with words and stuff but now when I have seriously decided to rename this blog I'm suddenly out of ideas. It's making me really frustrated because it holds back the new design too. Header is like the main part of the blog so it's quite hard to design one if you have like zero ideas about what you're gonna put in it.

I would like the new name to be zillion times more personal than this current one. I should have named this properly when I decided to go vanity blogging on Blogger too. Or maybe better to rename this now when I'm more serious with this. Ever since I stopped metablogging I have been more excited about this blog. I just didn't have enough energy to update both. So I'm not like regretting about quitting though it was a good blog too. At a time it was the only Finnish frequently updated metablog. And that's something.

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