Saturday, October 06, 2007


My last update was like 15 days ago. But like Szilvia said to me, my life has changed so it's only natural that I have not updated my blog for a while. I have been busy with my new job and tired after it so blogging has definitely not been the first thing on my mind. But that is about to change now.

I guess you would like to hear about my new job. What I do is actually really simple: I take a list of all kind of dental instruments and such. Then I go and get every item marked on the list and brought them back to the center of the warehouse where someone packs them and send them forward. So basically I collect together everything that people have ordered from Oriola. It doesn't sound so exciting but I really enjoy doing it. And I was so glad to hear that I can stay there three weeks longer than I was supposed to. And maybe even longer.

So now when I'm working instead of studying I have plenty of cash. Well not exactly right now but after few months. I have already made plans to buy these things: new lap top, a puppy, second pair of glasses and a wrist watch. But I have also been thinking about reinventing my style. But I really don't know which direction to go. Currently I'm into rock (and punk) style but I'm more and more into street style too. Not to mention that I would like my style to be a bit boho and chic too! And I only like to wear black. I seriously need a stylist. Or a girl friend.

I have no ideas why I have all this problems with clothes. I have never been into fashion nor liked shopping. I would like to but I just can't feel any passion for such things. And it makes me feel less girly and a bit isolated too.

By the way, this blog is also supposed to deal my weight. I have gained some but I have also lost some. I'm going down which is good. As long as I keep it that way. I don't know why I let myself gain so much but I guess it was the free cake. I'm still biking a lot and my job is very physical. I burn a lot calories without really exercising which is definitely a plus since I hate exercising. And believe it or not, I have build leg muscles. Which I guess is supposed to be good news but in my opinion they are the most hideous muscles ever. They make my legs look really weird.

I never said that is is going to be a good update. This was just an update.

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  1. Wow Amoena! I am happy that you have finally updated your blog! :-)
    However this can happen to me as well: sometimes I tend to forget updating...
    We have just downloaded the Bourne Ultimatum, I guess it is going to be good for a home-evening-program...:-)