Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mysterious days

I got two new subscribers on Blogilista. That makes four subscribers all in all. I can understand why some of my friends and relatives read this blog but I just can't understand why all these random (?) people subscribe to me. I bet you don't last long!

/EDIT: Now there is only one new subscriber. Do they push the "add to favourites" button by accident? Or do they just give up on me so quickly? Or maybe I just scare them away simply by saying something negative? So mysterious...


  1. I subscribed this one because I was reading the Blogiterapiaa through and in there I noticed that you have this blog. Blogitearpiaa is one of my favourites, but I still haven't read June July etc. Maybe next weekend.

    Don't worry :-D I read several blogs with 2-4 subscribers :)