Saturday, October 13, 2007

Only A-list VIP super cool and just like me friends

I had my Birthday "party" yesterday. Hannes and J.R. came over and we played the Amazeing Labyrinth (I love this one), the Master Labyrinth, Skip-Bo and Trivial Pursuit. I only won one game but I'm not so into winning, especially when I'm the host. I had a lot of fun and I can tell that the boys were enjoying too. This is something that we all have to do again. And again.

I've been reading Szilvias blog. And now you probably wonder who the hell is Szilvia and why I keep mentioning her. But she's my friend and she's a blog lover and she blogs too so I think there are plenty of reasons to keep mentioning her. Anyway. Se wrote that she's not so good at making friends. This is a quote from her blog:
In the past 4 years I have became quite good in making friends. I have found real friends, and nice ones. But one aspect of my mother's influence still remained: I can still lose my faith if someone not behaves right, (eg, my friend can have a bad day too), and does something differently, and I can get hurt so easily, and begin to doubt the whole thing. So there is still place for improving. But I am doing better and better.
Dear Szilvia, I'm so happy that you wrote that! I have wrote something similar too in the past:
Yesterday I learned who my real friends are. I'm glad that things turned out this way. I wonder why people don't get this right. There is nothing complicated in this really. If you try to fuck with me, it's bye bye baby. I don't tolerate lying, I don't tolerate bad behavior. If you want to be my friend you better act like one too.
But it's just so true. I can loose my trust in a blink of an eye and I guess that then there is nothing in the world to get it back. I just want to trust. I don't mess with people so I expect people not to mess with me. I'm into honesty. I rather have no friends at all than have friends who cannot be trusted. I know it's harsh but I can't see any other way. Well, I've heard that there is this forgiving but I guess it's hard to do if no one apologies. And usually it goes that way.

And now to the happier things. Unlike Szilvia, I have always been good at making friends. My problem is that there is only very few people I like to befriend. I don't want B-list friends, only A-list VIP super cool and just like me friends. They're hard to catch, you can bet! But I'm blessed to have the skill though.

But I'm bad at keeping friends. And I guess that Szilvia is only one who's going to read this trough. And not because she's interested but because she wants to count how many times I have mentioned her.

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