Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogging it

Today I talked a bit about blogging with J.R. I basically said that I have been blogging for years, which of course is true and that my current blog (this one right here) is very easy to find. He said that he would try, though I'm not sure if he has enough stalking potential to do so. We'll see.

Every time there is a chance that someone I know starts to read my blog, I start to think what this blog is about. Why I blog and what kind of image my blog gives of me. Am I the same as my blog persona? I was really into these thoughts on my way home but now I'm just too tired to write anything smart.

I have always thought this blog as an extension of me. Blogging is simply something I got to do. It's a habit. It defines me. But I always always always keep this very shallow. So I guess it's not possible to get to know me just by reading my blog. Or you should be able to read between lines. What is not there? What is not mentioned here?

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