Thursday, October 18, 2007


I felt like a second post. Mainly because Hannes is not online.

Hannes said that I have been doing all kind of radical things lately. Which is so not true. I don't know where he get the idea or does he think that I'm even more boring than I am? I doubt that since he knows me well. He would never think that breathing is like totally out there for me.

But it led me to think how people usually get the wrong impression when meeting me. I may seem like a very confident person, but in the reality I'm very insecure and vulnerable. I think that they get the impression because I'm very outspoken. But that's only because I hate everything phony. I think it's better to say things as they are even if it's harsh. And I like talking.

And another wrong impression is if people think that because I'm oh-so-confident and oh-so-talkative I have like oh-so-amazing social life. OK, maybe I do have like someone to live with but it's not like we're having all these great conversations. Definitely not. I hardly ever leave the house, I hardly ever see anyone IRL (mainly because no one invites me anywhere, I would go if someone does so), I hardly ever do anything except when I spend time on my PC/laptop or watch movies... I could say that I have no social life, or even that I have no life at all.

I guess my best talent is convincing. It's easy for me to convince people to believe that I have like everything you could ever hope for. Which I of course don't have.

I hate wrong first impressions. I want people to know the real me. That's why I'm so open about myself. No disappointments or nasty surprises then. Can't blame me.


  1. Amoena, you blogs are great! Just go on! Also I like your designs, I think you have talent for that. Also the ability of being able to convince people is a very good one...You just have to learn to use it well...with this characteristic it is easy to fill people with hope, faith etc. which is very useful nowadays...Also it is possible to use your convincing talent for yourself : convince yourself, that you are good & talented! (I hope you get what I mean):-)