Tuesday, October 23, 2007

30 minutes

It takes 30 minutes to get bored when you're lonely and have absolutely nothing to do.

Sometimes I think that I'm smarter than I think. But what I think is not so smart when said out loud. Anyway. Today I thought that being an human is, at least for me, an endless search. I'm always searching, mostly to find any kind of connection with someone with similar mind but also for a meaning for my life. I know it's a cliche but I would really like to know what the hell I'm doing here since I happen to loathe living.

It takes 30 minutes to write a shitty blog post.


  1. Hei! It is ok for me to feel like shit (about 17 people let me down in Hungary), but it is not ok if someone else feels shit! Pls do not feel like shit...I only can not talk to you, because tomorrow morning I am going to have a 3 hour-long exam, for which it is impossible to prepare...and on Thursday another one...( i can start to prepare for the resit already now)
    pls hold on...Sz. Maybe it is october...and hmmm..bad season ( even myself is terrible, so now I am even fighting with myself not to feel like shit...which I do)

  2. Dear Szilvia, I'm not feeling like shit. I'm actually quite happy. My posts just can be a bit misleading, I know. But it was nice that you were worrying about me!

    Do your magic with your exams. I know you're a smart one :)