Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nerdism is a serious lifestyle

Yesterday I stayed up late watching Zodiac with Aleksi and J.R. and therefore I woke up about 1pm today. I usually wake up between 10am and 12am. It's quite funny how this day is over before it even started. I spent like an hour watching some Drew Barrymore document from TV (you should never open the TV spontaneously) and then I showered myself. And then it took like zillion hours to get ready for the grocery shopping. We finally ate at six.

Anyway. Yesterday I also discussed about different types of nerds with J.R. and now I'm going to blog under the same topic. Just for a little bit. I'm not turning this post to an essay.

So what makes a nerd? Owning a computer? Knowing how to handle one? Not exactly. Nerdism is a serious lifestyle which definitely is not for everyone, it requires an ability to live without a real social life. I'm not saying that all nerds are antisocial and live a life of an hermit. But since nerds happen to have a very close relationship with their computers it's kinda hard to go out there and live at the same time. So a certain level of introvertism is always obligatory to success as a nerd.

But it's not just the personality, it's also what you're into. You should feel passionate about computers and Internet and other technical stuff. So passionate that you simply couldn't live without. And if you're that passionate you have no problem spending all your spare time online. Or whatever nerdy stuff you're into.

And then there are of course different types of nerds. It's just silly to assume that all the nerds are the same. There is actually huge difference between different nerd types. They all share the same passion but the outcome is what defines what each nerd is about.

I call myself as a social girl nerd. Sex matters in this game so that's why add the "girl" in the definition. You could generalize that the most nerdish girl is always less nerd than the least nerdish boy. So I'm really nerd for a girl but if I was a boy all the real nerds would be like laughing at me for being such a lousy nerd. (It's actually quite funny. When I talk to other girls or antinerds they think that I'm a huge nerd. If they only knew.)

And what makes me a social nerd? Because mostly I use computers as a form of communication. I want to connect. I want to take part. I get my kicks from blogs, emails and IM's and pretty much from everything that has something to do with other people. And I talk with my friends mostly online though I could meet them offline as easily.

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