Friday, October 19, 2007

Egocentric babbling you happen to like

I just spent my day with Elina. Not literally though. We spoke via MSN Messenger. We had some serious girl talk which I enjoyed a lot. All my good friends are boys so I don't talk so often about shoes or make-up or stuff. Though I'm quite boyish I think it is important to look like a girl and you know, understand girls stuff. Life is more than pure geekiness and every now I got to get in touch with my feminine side. But luckily... not often.

Elina is blogging too, actually she has two blogs but she has troubles with updating. It's not easy if you're not as experienced. Anyway. Somehow we end up chatting little bit about blogging too. This is something she said:
mut musta on yllättävää miten usein sä postaat välillä ja silti ne tekstit on ihan kiinnostavia. itte suoltaisin varmana jotain tosi tylsää jos useemmin postaisin

(I think it is surprising how often you post and how your posts are still interesting. I would probably post something very boring if I was trying to post more often.)
It's not easy to post. Specially if you don't have anything going on in your life. But I have blogged for a very long time. I used to be much more into personal blogging when I was younger. For over a year I updated my blog (my first serious one) on a daily basis. And you know how they say that you should write daily if you're serious about writing. I guess I was then though I never wrote a Nobel winning novel. And after that year I kept updating very often. More often than I do now. Anyway. I'm trying to say that I have done my homework. So when I update my blog it happens very naturally. I don't have to push it. If I don't feel like posting, I wont. But of course I always do.

Elina also said this:
sulla on vaa jotenki kiva persoonallinen ääni niissä vaikka ne oiski lyhyitä

(You just have this like personal voice in your post even when they're short)
Seriously? What kind of conspiracy is this? Elina is not the first one who says something like this, I have received at least two comments here saying the pretty much same. Personal voice? You mean this egocentric babbling? Ha!


  1. So nice! I can practice Finnish and English at the same time! I was happy that I even understood the stuff in Finnish. Ok, I do not want to sound like a fan of yours, but I guess I just feel the same...

    I feel like blogging and I love it...
    I love my Universtiy blog too...

    I guess all of us are trying to find her/his own is an ever lasting procedure/ issue...

    Anyway it is nice that we find ourselves at least through blogging...

    I admire the person, tho invented blogging...

    One of your former sentences expressed this in a very nice way; "I blog because I love to write and I write only because I love to blog"

  2. What goes on in somebody's life it's always inside!(Maybe it can not be seen from outside, but there are still many things going on inside...if not...then there is a problem.) So, there is always someting to post, if you talk to yourself...:-)