Friday, October 19, 2007

Dumb blonde 4 life

I got some good news today. There was only one week of work left but my colleague (other monkey who collects stuff) said that our boss said that we can work there pretty much as long as we want. Which is awesome because I really dig the place. Not to mention the free beverages.

I always take the longest way home from work. It's not only because the buss stop of 110t is closer to my work than other buss stops but because I want more time to think before I get home. I know it sounds a bit crazy but for me it's reality. I need to spend a lot of time alone because thinking is my obsession. And it's official. When I was high school I went to shrink like twice (total waste of time by the way) and she said that I have so much problems because I think way too much.

Today I thought that I should use the energy I'm currently spending on thinking to something more meaningful. Let's just face it, I'm not the smartest girl around here. I know a lot of stuff but it's not like stuff that people appreciate. So I could spend more time studying something or at least I could start reading news. I could be aware what is happening around me. Since at the moment I'm only familiar with Mememeland...


I don't think it's important to know things like who's the president of Sweden (if there was a president). Trivial things like that have no value in my life since they won't make me happy. And for me the happiness is the aim.

So I guess I have chosen a different path: In my opinion what truly matter is how we live our life and how we treat people around us. I may be a dumb blonde (my other colleague though this was my natural hair colour...) for the rest of my life but I expect people to like me for what I am instead of what I happen to know.


  1. I have just wanted to check out the "skinny website" but it says, that it has been "suspended". Does is say the same for you? Yesterday it was ok.

    Maybe it was promoting eating disorderd and anorexia, that is why some people "sued" them and it was suspended because of that?
    What do you think?

  2. It did say the same. But it works now! :D