Saturday, September 02, 2006

Unbelievable Shoes

Part One:

I bought shoes. I know I'm going to regret it later, but at the moment I'm totally loving them. I bought them for several reasons:

a) They are black
b) They got high heels
c) They make my feet look so much smaller
d) They are quite trendy
e) They make me feel more adult
f) Aleksi loved them too

And these are the reasons which probably make me regret:

a) They were quite expensive since I'm not going to wear them so often (44e)
b) They are not quality shoes, not even real leather (from Dinsko)
c) They are a bit tight and I worry that they may be way too tight after all
d) I can't walk on heels anyway and I will probably break some of my bodyparts when trying it

Part Two:

So they were way too tight. I wear them for like 15 minutes and my feet just died. I went back to the store to change them. That other pair was way too big, but at least it didn't hurt. I decided to take them even though it meant that I would have to wear thicker socks.

I went back to home. I put them on, and I realized that there was that quite big scratch on the side. I looked it for a while, and finally I decided it's not OK. I went back to the store once again. To change them again. But there was only one pair more, and it was even more scratched. I looked those shoes for a minute, and then I made the final decision. I gave up. I returned them for good.

But they were perfect. They just weren't meant to happen to me. And that salesgirl probably laughed at me inside. I don't care. I don't want shoes that don't fit, or which look as they were already used.

The shoe haunt will continue.

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