Monday, September 04, 2006


So I went to Sello. To "shop", which in my language means pretty much same as "spending time, but not money". I found few items I liked.

First of all I liked this cardigan. As you all know, leopard pattern is quite trendy at the moment, but this is just not as wild. It's more like very damped and delicated version. I also like the shape. I used to have quite similar shaped cardigan which I liked a lot, but unfortunately I managed to shrink it.

The next item is a mini skirt. I'm not a mini person, but there was few very shirt skirts I liked, and which I thought would look very good with opaque tights and wedges (but I don't have opaque tights, nor wedges). It was not similar with the picture. Pattern was quite similar, but it was bigger. The hem was also more loose, and there was a wide rib in the hip.

I also liked this very weird hood-vest-thing made of artificial fur. I am really sorry that I could find any picture of such cloth. It really was something. It's not my style (like I have a style), but it was really warm and comfortable.

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