Thursday, September 07, 2006

Problem (Not) Solved

So during this day I have done some serious researching over the Internet. I know now what causes my swelling. Since it is not anything so very big, interesting or even infectious, I leave it here. You don't want to know any details. Trust me.

But I definitely need to see a doctor. I need some antibiotics or such. I'm not going to school tommorrow either since my face is still very swelled. It's kinda creepy. I pray it calms down over the weekend. It has to. Or otherwise I fulfill my threat to move in to a steeple.

And I'm seriously learning new words here. I mean just writing this one single post I have learned two words: infectious, and steeple. It's not so record-breaking, but multiply that with all my posts and notice that normally I use even more than two new words.

But I should polish my grammar, though. English has always been one of my favourite subjects at school, but I'm not so good following rules.

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