Monday, September 04, 2006

Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

I knew this was coming. I overslept this morning. I have done it like million times. I use my cell as an alarm clock. So my cell alarms. I press the "snooze" button and put the cell at my side. And I fall asleep again. And in some point during ten minutes I roll on my cell. And when it alarms, I can't hear it and finally I push some button with my body and it stops. It's always the same story.

But I decided to go to my second lecture. It was that same boring lecture again. I have no idea why I went there. I once again understood nothing. I made a sudoku puzzle for a while, but then I made some mistake and gave up since I couldn't track down which number sucked.

Today I have planned to go to a library. It's very near, so it's not a big deal. I had this book reserved and I have to pick that up. I'm a bit shamed for because it's an Everwood book. A juvenile book. Definitely a juvenile book. And I'm nearly twenty. But I heard they were OK and I love Everwood.

And I also thought that I could go shopping. Since Aleksi is paying for the food, I have even more money to spend. But I'm not so very good at spending, so in the end of the month there is usually about (50-)80% left of my so called budget. And there is like lots of things I like need. Like clothes. Shoes. Socks. Underwear. Make-up. Cosmetics. Books. Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

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