Monday, September 18, 2006

Something About Music

I grew up listening to classical music. It was 100% my choice. It was not like my parents wanted me to be a some kind of child prodigy. They were actually quite annoyed with the fact that I didn't like "normal music". Most of the kids listened to Spice Girls or such, but I hardly knew who they were (until later when they were already out). So even nowadays, when my musical taste had became quite bad, I have this huge collection of classical CD's. Some of them I have never even listened to. I just kept receiving them.

I used to go to see operas with my aunt. She paid, naturally. I loved it. I have never watch operas on TV. It's not the same thing. It definitely something you have to see live. Anyway. That led me to like Sarah Brightman and Charlotte Church. Both I still adore very much. They both have very magical voices. But it somehow bothers me that Charlotte totally changed her image from "teen angel" to "crazy chick". But she's still very talented. By the way, this is worth watching for.

I don't know what I'm into these days. I listen to music almost daily, but I don't have any special favourites. I use, so Ican easily point out whatI have listened mostly. So here is my top ten chart.

Somehow it does not look good, and it does not even make so much sense. I don't remember when was the last time I listened to Jack Johnson, for example. I have listened to Lindsay Lohan, Charlotte Church and Christina Aguilera lately, though.

I don't know what this post was supposed to be about. It seems to be about Charlotte Chuch. Love her.

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