Thursday, September 14, 2006

Qué Tal

Today I was supposed to start studying Spanish again. I went there and I was quite excited. It's been a while since I studied it last time, even though I have studied it a lot. But before I even sat down, I found out that I had terribly wrong books. I was aware that those books were supposed to be reissues, but I thought that the difference was something like they changed a word in the page 10 and it wouldn't matter that I had a little bit older books. My books are from 2001-2002 and I know that the following versions were almost the same. So I though... But no. There are completely new issues from this year, which have nothing in common with my books.

So I spoke with the teacher and she said that I can't be there without books and my older books just can't do. She also said that everybody has to buy books because she has been making them and she wants money. I was like "whatever fucker". Anyway. Those books are expensive. I just checked that together they would cost something about 55-60 euros. It's a lot for a poor student like me. So I said to her that I quit. She could strike out my name straight away. And so she did. That was my Spanish studying for this year. It sucks.

When I was coming back home I met my aunt. She said she could buy me those books, but I said no. I know it's quite crazy, but she is going to buy me shoes (as soon as I can find some shoes I want) and she's taking me out to eat and such. I can't expect her to pay everything big for me. I'm not a child anymore. I guess. And I somehow boycott how they mare all those reissues all the time. I mean, some things just don't get old. I mean, how could Spanish language get so old that they had to make a completely new book about it? How? They just want money. And I'm not giving any if I really don't have to.

As I mentioned above, my aunt is really going to buy me shoes. It's just very hard to find a perfect pair. It can take months. So today I was looking for a shoes again. After that Spanish disaster. I went to this shop and there was a very wide selection. But once again, nothing caught my eye. Too much heels on every shoes. I don't want heels and I don't want boots of any kinds.

I'm not trying to scare you, but these are my current shoes. I have had them for years, and I have used them - for years:

Feel free to enlarge.

Yesterday I bough a pashmina scarf. It was on sale (5e). It was very difficult to choose the colour. I battled between violet, peacock blue and gold. This one won.

(Of course I wont match this top and that scarf together in a real life.)

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